About Us

About Us

Mayadeen International Trading Company, a limited liability company

Mayadeen International Trading Company – a limited liability company – was established in 1432 AH and well-known in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the market of medicine and medical supplies, and it has specialists and technicians all over the Kingdom. And registered with the Ministry of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce, the Food and Drug Authority and the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council,

Morals & Message

It is to reach advanced levels and compete with what is in the commercial arena, to provide our best services with modern technology that keeps pace with developments, and to raise the level of our workers to work as one team diligently.

Our Goals

Mayadeen International Trading Company seeks with all its energy, financial savings and manpower to achieve its goals and expand in the field of trade and achieve the success for which the strategic plans have worked, thanks to God and then the continuous work of the company’s work team who made all their energies to reach the peak of success for the company.

Our Values

Honesty, sincerity and honesty in work and achievement on time with perfection, and strive to satisfy our customers.

Vision and Mission

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the leading and rapidly developing countries, due to the fact that there is a wide demand for providing medicines, health products, cosmetics and medical supplies at affordable prices at reasonable prices for the people who need them the most. We want to achieve this by constantly adding new marketing strategies and updating that for a fast and effective distribution network for pharmaceuticals and medical supplies throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the company was born from a health vision that is through medical activity, Mayadeen International Trading Company has become one of the large commercial companies, Which started working in the distribution of equipment, cosmetics, medical supplies and government tenders and it is considered one of the market leaders in various medicines such as pharmaceuticals, nutrients, herbs, nutritional supplements … etc, and over the years the company has developed into a well-known company in the field of drug distribution and preparations Cosmetic, medical supplies, diapers and milk, which focus on marketing, research and distribution, and has a group of sales and marketing representatives and distribution points in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mayadeen International Trading Company has the ability to insure and supply in the government sector and has been granted government columns over the past few years, and in Mayadeen International Trading Company, technical staff are trained and work on programs to continuously strengthen the marketing team and motivate them and create value for all our customers, partners and employees while applying business practices. Environmentally safe and social.

Business Development

Mayadeen International Trading Company works on business development with the implementation of the action plan, focusing on strategic innovation, improving operations, and the mutual functional cooperation necessary to strengthen and enhance relationships with customers, and develop long-term customer relationships by identifying the ability to take advantage of opportunities that meet customer needs immediately, Providing a multifunctional leadership team of managers, outside sales managers, internal sales, project managers and marketing professionals through mentoring, motivation, training, developing skills, products, competitive and organizational knowledge, deploying resources to achieve financial / operational goals including orders, revenues, contribution margin, and core cost control, developing and implementing sales strategies to drive Positive growth of the company while ensuring the consistent application of proposal efforts and plans including pricing and cost plans, providing strategic direction and inputs for marketing activities (such as promotions, publications, trade fairs, etc.), and ensuring seamless teamwork across the company including commercial research and development teams to provide the satisfaction Full of customers.

Drug Marketing Team

Miadeen International Trading Company employs (38) sales and marketing representatives all over the Kingdom. For an efficient and fast distribution system, through which it spreads in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through (4) four regions. The medicine warehouse division is operated by the regional manager, and there are (2) managers per one region, and (4) sales supervisors And collections to provide doctors with information about the company’s merchandise sold to them, and all representatives are qualified in medical and scientific practice., Which includes pharmaceuticals, medical supplies to a variety of customers including general practices, hospitals and pharmacies. To coordinate with clients, regulatory affairs, and government tenders, the company employed sales coordinators.

Company organizational structure

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